Startup Engineering III: From Idea to Business

This is the home page for the course "Startup Engineering III" in the summer term 2022. General information on this course can be found here.


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General information 

Startup Engineering 3 is a team-based project. There are some lectures, but the module consists mostly of coached teamwork. Therefore, students will need strong abilities in communication and teamwork and be able to work in a largely self-directed manner. We recommend that students who are more suited to a traditional course requiring individual study and concluding with an exam do not choose this module.

Application and registration 

Important: Please, check before you register for this course, if you can obtain credit points for it in your prefered way. We cannot answer this question. Please ask your examination office or a program advisor.

Application is only possible via e-Learning during the period from March 25th through April 3rd, 2022.

  • Students work in teams of three.
  • Up to 5 teams can attend this course.
  • Teams need to be formed via e-Learning (section: team building).
  • If there are more registrations than places, the order of registrations will decide on the allocation of places.
  • For final registration students need to attend the first exercise (April 7th, 2022).
  • All other deadlines can be found in e-Learning.

Course details

  • The exam type is a Hausarbeit.
  • We will provide customer problems for you to work on.
  • Your Hausarbeit will consist of a team presentation, the evaluation of another team's presentation in form of a pitch report as well as your list of customer interview questions.
  • All deliverables (presentations, evaluation report and customer interview questions) must be submitted on time in the e-learning system.
  • You can find all deadlines in the e-Learning system.
  • The presentation must be submitted in form of a video by 6.7.2022, 8 pm.
  • Students need to submit the written report by 31.7.2022, 8 pm
  • Teams may arrange individual coaching appointments via E-Mail with Graham (graham.horton[at] or Jana (jana.goers[at]
  • Classroom language: German.


Within the course, the following dates are planned (L: Lecture; E: Exercise and P: Presentation):
(All slides are from last semester.)



Mediasite (asynchronous)

Exercise, Thursday 11-1 pm

01 7.4.

L-01: Introduction / The Lean Startup (Slides | Video)

Pitch Example (Video)

E-00: Organisational information,
team building and
02 14.4. L-02: Plausibility Check (Slides | Video) E-01: Startup Idea
03 21.4.   E-02: Plausibility
04 28.4. L-03: Customer Interview (Slides | Video) E-03: Plausibility, Part 2
05 5.5.   E-04: Customer Interview
06 12.5. L-04: Potential (Slides | Video) E-05: Potential (Features & Benefits)
07 19.5.   E-06: Positioning Statement
08 26.5.   Christi Himmelfahrt
09 2.6. L-05: Experimental Design (Slides | Video) E-07: Experimental Design 1
10 9.6.   E-08: Experimental Design 2
11 16.6. L-06: Advanced Tools (Slides | Video) E-09: Advanced Tools
12 23.6.   E-10: Consultation
13 30.6.   E-11: Consultation
14 7.7.   P-01: Accelerator Pitch


The type of exam (6 CP) for this course will be a Hausarbeit, which consists of an individual and a team component. The team component consist of an Accelerator Pitch presentation (in English) and a list of customer interview questions. The individual component is an evaluation of a pitch report (either in English or in German) of another team's pitch. Each student's grad will be composed of their team and their individual grades.

Exam-points will be distributed as following:

Deliverables Points

Accelerator Pitch (team evaluation)
incl. customer interview questions

Pitch report (individual evaluation) 50
Total 76

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