Applied Discrete Modelling

This is the home page for the course "Applied Discrete Modelling" in the winter term 2020/21, general information on ADM can be found here.

Exam Information

  • The course finishes with an oral exam. Some slots for oral examinations will be prescheduled after the end of the summer lecture term. Further appointments will be arranged on an individual basis.
  • IMPORTANT: You must email your solutions of the Assignments 1-6 before you may register for the exam! ! !
    Include also code of assignments 4 and 6. Use pdf or plain text format.

Preliminary Plan Winterterm 2021

  • The winterterm 20/21 course will be held online, lectures and exercises will be recorded and published through the OVGU mediasite, accessible with your OVGU login credentials. There will be regular online sessions in the scheduled lecture slot to ask questions about the course material, assignments etc.
  • Register for the course on the OVGU elearing platform
    • in the forum you can also ask questions on the course
    • use the elearning page to team up with other students to work on assignments together
  • Since the lecture is usually in a plain black-board fashion, there are no slides available.
    • All usually available material is already online in the lecture and exercise materials section on this website
    • Recorded lectures and exercises will be added throughout the course of the semester in the tale below
      • The lecture slot on thursday 15:00-17.00 will be used for online Q&A sessions throughout the semester. Exact dates and access information will be announced via the e-learning portal. NOT ON 21.01.2021
  • Refer to the first video for an introduction of the course topics and goal and for finding answers to organizational questions

Week Lecture Topic
Exercise Topic
1 Introduction video -- no exercise --  
2 Lecture: DTMCs video / slides Exercise: DTMCs  video / slides
3 Lecture: CTMCs  video / slides Exercise: CTMCs  video / slides
4 Lecture: GSPNs  video / slides Exercise: GSPNs & CTMCs  video / slides
5 Lecture: Proxels I  video / slides Exercise: Proxels I  video / slides
6 Lecture: Proxels II  video / slides Exercise: Proxels II  video / slides
7 Lecture: HMMs  video / slides Exercise: HMMs  video / slides
8 Lecture: HnMMs I  video / sides Exercise: HnMMs I   video
9 Lecture: HnMMs II  video / slides    
9-14 time to work on Semester Assignment

Lecture Material

Exercise Material

Homework Assignments 

Each student can choose a semester assignment topic. Every assignment will be related to that topic and involves modelling and implementing solution algorithms. The individual assignments are increasing in difficulty and lead to the final and most complex model that enable to answer the actual question of interest.

Semester Assignment - Quality Tester

Semester Assignment - Diagnosis

Semester Assignment - Machine Temperature

Further Material

External Links

Programs for Download

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