Introduction to Simulation

This is the home page for the course "Introduction to Simulation" in the winter term 2020/21. General information on this course can be found here.


  • If you are interested in participating in Simulation Project 2021 you MUST pass Introduction to Simulation.
  • Exam Date: 17.03.2021 16:00-18:00 - will be an online exam
  • Repeat Exam Date: 22.07.2021, 08:00-10:00 Messehalle I, in Person!
  • The lecture will be recorded and accessible via Please use your OVGU-Account to log in. The links will be in the table below.
  • The exercise class will also be recorded. There will be no more in-person exercises. The time slots will be used as online consultation sessions.
    You can find the link on the e-learning platform.
  • For content related questions use the e-learning platform, especially if you are not able to attend the online Q&A sessions
  • Time and place of the lecture: (asynchronous)
  • Times and places of the Q&A online sessesions: Monday 13-15 and 17-19 (BigBlueButton)
  • The exercises will start after the second lecture:
    • Monday exercise class starts on 02.11.2020
  • NOTE: The exam will be in English, you may use a dictionary and answer in either German or English. The Exam format will be multiple-coice.
  • HINWEIS: Die Klausur ist auf Englisch, Wörterbücher sind erlaubt, ebenso wie Antworten auf Deutsch oder Englisch. Die Klausur ist Multiple-Choice.

The user name and password required to download the course material was anounced via roundmail and e-learning notification.
You have two Semester Assignments to choose from:

Week Lecture Date Lecture Slides / Recordings
Exercise Date Exercise Class Slides / Recodings
1  26.10.2020 Introduction / Video      
2  02.11.2020 Modelling of ODEs / Video  02.11.2020 Introduction and Planetary Motion / Video Getting to know AnyLogic
3  09.11.2020 Examples of ODEs / Video  09.11.2020

Continuous Modeling with Boundary Conditions / Video

4  16.11.2020 Solving ODEs/ Video  16.11.2020 Continuous Modelling Excercise / Video SIR and Infant Vaccinations
5  23.11.2020 Discrete-Event Simulation / Video  23.11.2020 Events in AnyLogic / Video Adding a Second Counter in the Bank
6  30.11.2020 Random Variables and Random Numbers / Video  30.11.2020 Process Modeling Library and Attributes / Video Glucose and Insulin
7  07.12.2020 Input Modelling / Video  07.12.2020 Input Modelling / Excel File / Video Input Data Analysis
8  14.12.2020 Output Analysis / Video  14.12.2020 Output Analysis / Video Output Analysis
9  21.12.2020 Stochastic Petri Nets / Video  21.12.2020 Stochastic Petri Nets / Video Stochastic Petri Nets
10  04.01.2020 Agent-based Modelling and Simulation / Video  04.01.2020 Agent-based Modelling and Simulation / Video Agent-based Modelling and Simulation
11  11.01.2020 Markov Chains / Video  11.01.2020 DTMCs / Video DTMCs
12  18.01.2020 Comparing Systems / Video  18.01.2020 Comparing Systems / Video  
13  25.01.2020 Verification and Validation / Video  25.01.2020 Storage System / Video  
14  01.02.2020 Kickoff Simulation Project / Video    

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