Principles and Practices of Scientific Work and Soft Skills

Information on the course for Winter Term 2021/22 will be updated here!

  • Crash Course on Scientific Work and Soft Skills for all international Master Students in English!
  • Responsible: Dr. Claudia Krull (lectures), Temitope Ibidunni Akinloye (tutorials)

Organizational Issues

  • You can now get 3CP for the course. either for DKE/Fundamentals or DigiEng/Human Factors.
  • Signup via (use your OVGU login) until 26.10.2021
    • Enter you availability via elearning for exercise slots, also until 15.10.2021
    • Elearning will also be used to handle exercises and for questions on lecture topics
  • NOTE: If you enroll after 26.10., you can still participate, however, we would then recommend postponing the course by one semester from our experience
  • Lectures will start in teh second week of the semester
    • Tuesday 11-13 G29-307 (FIN lecture hall)
    • conducted by Dr. Claudia Krull, guest lecture by ...
    • For students who are not able to attend in person, recorded lectures are available via
  • Tutorials will start in the second week of the semester. We are currently planning to offer one online and one in-person tutorials
    • Tuesday 13-15 by Saloni Verma G29-K058
    • CHANGED Wednesday 11-13 by Temitope Ibidunni Akinloye via an online meeting tool

Current list of Lecture Topics

The schedule and topic information presented here is preliminary! Most recent update: 14.09.2021

The available lecture videos were originally recorded in Summerterm 2020, assignment slides will be updated throughout the semester. Video material isavailbale through the OVGU mediasite portal and additinally via download, to prevent streaming bandwidth issues
The password for the material will be announced in the organizational lecture.

WeekDateLecture TopicVideo stream (download)AssignmentTutorial DatesTutorial Topic
2 19.10. Organizational Information
Thesis Regulations
L01 Intro Video (Video)
Thesis Regulations Video (Video)
   19.10./20.10. Exercise Introduction
Life After Masters
3 26.10. Study Skills L02 Video (Video)  Task 01  26.10./27.10.  
4 02.11. Self Management L03 Video (Video)  Task 02  02.11./03.11.  
5 09.11. Projects and Teams
L04 Video (Video)  Task 03  09.11./10.11.   
6 16.11. Effective Presentations
L05 Video (Video)  Task 04  16.11./17.11.  Area of Interest Slides
7 23.11. Research Projects and Thesis Topics
L06 Video (Video)  Task 05  23.11./24.11.  
8 30.11. Literature Research and Management
L07 Video (Video)  Task 06  30.11./01.12.  


 Scientific Writing
(academic writing slide set by Sandro Schulze)

L08 Video (Video)  Task 07  07.12./08.12.  


Writing a Thesis Proposal

   Task 08  14.12./15.12.  
11-13 21.12. Q&A session
    time to work on proposal        
14 25. & 26.01. Final Presentations        


  • Regular attendance of ALL lectures and tutorials (from the second week)
  • Completing ALL assignments
    • all assignment deadlines are Monday 23:59, submission through git.
    • when missing the assignment deadline, you will get 2 days extension until Wednesday 23:59
    • missing more than two assignment deadlines or missing the extended deadline, will result in not being permitted for the final presentation
  • Exam type is Hausarbeit / Report, which consists of all assignments and a proposal to be handed in before the final presentation. 24.01.2022)
  • The final presentation is also part of the exam and will take place at the end of the semester and/or the beginning of the examination period (current plan 25.01. and 26.01.)

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