Startup Engineering II: Building a Minimum Viable Product

This page contains general information about the course "Startup-Engineering II: Building a Minimum Viable Product", which takes place in the winter term.

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The module "Startup Engineering II: Building a Minimum Viable Product" is aimed at students who are planning to start their own business or work for a startup. We will simulate a part of the early product development phase within a startup.

Student teams choose a modern product development environments such as Alexa Skills, Google Home Actions, mobile Apps, Web Apps, Chatbots and Slack Apps to build a functioning prototype.

This module is an opportunity to gain experience in software development and also learn how to build customer-centered products.


Startup Engineering II is a team project; students work together in teams of three persons to achieve a series of pre-defined milestones. Each milestone is presented in front of the other groups, who make suggestions for improvement. Coaches are available to guide and advise the teams.


Format and Exam

  • Credit points: 6 CP
  • SWS: 4
  • Exam Type: Hausarbeit

Further Information

  • Module Description (PDF)
  • Classification with the Curriculum:
    • MSc CV / MSc INF / MSc INGINF / MSc WIF: WPF Informatik

Workload of the Course





Lectures: Introductory Lectures 008  -  -
Project: Work  - 120  -
Project: Presentation  - 016  -
Hausarbeit  -  - 020





  008 136 020
Total hours used166
Workload for 6 CP180
Hours still available014 (for organizational stuff, etc.)

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