Startup Engineering III: From Idea to Business

This page contains general information about the module Startup Engineering III. The module will not be conducted in the summer term 2020, the details of which can be found hier.

Goal of the module 

The goal of the module is to let students experience the first stage of a startup's life starting from the initial idea and leading up to a business presentation to a potential startup accelerator.


Startup Engineering III is a team project; students work together in groups to achieve a series of pre-defined milestones. Each milestone is presented in front of the groups, which make suggestions for improvement. Coaches are available to guide and advise the teams.


Students should apply for the course as teams of 2-3 people. Each team should supply a business idea and be able to answer a questionnaire about it.


  • What is your idea for an offer (i.e. your product or service)? Please describe your offer in three sentences.
  • Who is your offer aimed at (i.e. what is your target market)?
  • How does your target market currently obtain what your offer does?
  • What will be the benefit of your offer over these alternatives?
  • What technologies or processes will you use to implement your offer?
  • How long will it take you to build a working prototype of your offer?

It would be further helpful (but it is not necessary) to have attended the courses Startup Engineering I and/or Startup Engineering II.


Format and Exam

  • Credit points: 6 CP
  • SWS: 4
  • Exam Type: Term Paper

Further Information

  • Module Description (PDF)
  • Classification with the Curriculum:
    • MSc CV / MSc INF / MSc INGINF / MSc WIF: Schlüssel- und Methodenkompetenz 
  • Evaluation Results 2016 SoSe (pdf)
  • Evaluation Results 2017 SoSe (pdf)


  • Blank & Dorf: The Startup Owner's Manual
  • Osterwalder & Pigneur: Business Model Generation
  • Ulwick: What Customers Want
  • Ries: The Lean Startup
  • Christensen: The Innovator's Dilemma

Workload of the Course





Lectures 016   010    
Individual Coaching   026 026    
        Referat  Interaction
Problem Solution Fit       040 030
Presentation: Accelerator Pitch 004        
Presentation: Accelerator Report       010  





  020 026 036 050 030
Total hours used162
Workload for 6 CP180
Hours still available018 (for organizational stuff, etc.)


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